About the Show

Meet Dylan

Dylan Buckley is a former AFL footballer who played 41 games (plus many more in the twos and a couple in the twos twos) for Carlton and GWS Giants across nine seasons. He experienced the highs and lows of the game, from getting drafted to the club he grew up supporting, winning an AFL Rising Star award nomination and kicking goals on the MCG, to the struggles of injury, self doubt and rejection (he was delisted twice). 

Knowing the end of his football career was approaching, Dylan went in search of something away from the game that gave him professional purpose and the Dyl and Friends podcast was born. Since retiring from AFL football at the end of 2019, Dyl has sunk his energy into building the Dyl and Friends community through his podcast, social media accounts and line of apparel. When he’s not working on Dyl and Friends or completing other media commitments, you’ll find 27-year-old with his fiancé Justine and dog Frank (French bulldog) in Melbourne’s inner north where they live.


The Podcast

The podcast is called Dyl and Friends, but not every guest is technically a friend of Dylan’s. Well, not until they’ve been on the show. Dylan invites notable personalities (and some not so) with a bloody good story to put the cans over their ears and tell him about it. It’s a casual, light-hearted chat with plenty of banter that seeks to reveal a different side of the guest. As the host, Dylan is warm, curious and generous with a laugh. Pretty early into an episode, it’s less of a podcast and more of two mates having an open and honest chat about things that matter to them.

“Dyl & Friends is a breath of fresh air - as far as ‘interview’ based podcasts go. Not only does he bring in a vast array of guests from a multitude of different industries / walks of life - but he gets them on because he is GENUINELY interested in hearing their story.  There is no ‘me, me, me’ in the way he goes about it, his humble albeit banterous (not a word) nature comes across magnificently.” —  Jake, Dyl & Friends listener